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To help bring in the golden age of TITLE Mag, a Cincinnati-based creative publication, I introduced the world to icon, legend, and star, Velvetina. Inspired by Old Hollywood and Burlesque, I teamed up with a small group of creatives to conceptualize, build, and render this fashion photo shoot that exemplifies glamor and elegance in a digital era. Visit to see more from Issue 006.

Working in Blender 3D, I started the project by sculpting and rigging the figure. The figure was then brought into each set in which it would be posed and dressed with accessories that reflect aesthetics from Burlesque and Old Hollywood.

When building the model, I took inspiration from Barbies before they're given hair, makeup, and clothes. I intended for her to be a depiction of the ultimate digital persona - a persona that is mass-produced and sold like a children's fashion doll. With a forever-pointed toe, Velvetina soon stepped out from behind the curtain and into the limelight.

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