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Hi, I'm Johnathan!

(But you can call me JB)

I am a digital artist and animator currently working as a motion graphic designer for Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, but later moved to Cincinnati in 2017 to receive my BFA at the University of Cincinnati. My work is a reflection of a world built within myself - one that is lush and romantic, bringing elements of nostalgia, melodrama, and fantasy into the digital era.


I developed a passion for art when I was a kid, starting with doodles on notebook paper that eventually progressed into digital illustrations, animations, and 3D models. I have and continue to take inspiration from the digital media that surrounds me, using it as a language to help me connect with my deepest emotions.


My style is whimsical and indulgent, observing the digital space through the eyes of a queer kid who grew up dazzled by the radiant saturation of the pixel-perfect image. My work is made with a love for the past while celebrating the ever-evolving digital space as a tool for self-discovery.


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