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Trivia videos are a tried and true way of keeping guests entertained while they wait in queue lines at Cedar Fair. To celebrate Cedar Point's new attraction, Top Thrill 2, I created five trivia videos that are all about the new coaster.


Taking inspiration from the high-speed racing theme of the ride, I started with developing the layout in Illustrator and later incorporating it into After Effects. The layout was designed to allow the camera to move from the top of the bleachers all the way down to the racetrack. I heavily utilized the Z space to create depth and movement in the signs containing each answer option.

Trivia Layout
Green Car
Yellow Car
Red Car


When developing the style of the video, I wanted it to be continuously engaging throughout its minute-long runtime. Answer options sitting still over a static background just wouldn't cut it, so I settled on road signs that could be pushed by the racecars zooming past it. These cars later proved to be helpful in revealing the answer options, hints, and eventually the final correct answer that is painted onto the racetrack at the end of the video.

Although the cars zooming by are nothing short of a blur of varying colors, I made more detailed graphics of the cars that I could envision existing in this Top Thrill 2 stylistic universe. These cars were useful in a variety of clips that my team and I put together in honor of Cedar Point's new attraction.



Designer / Animator: Johnathan Briar

Music: "California" - MANYUKO

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