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As part of my marketing and animation internship with iMFLUX, a plastics injection molding business and subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble, my biggest responsibility was to create 2D animations in After Effects that helped our educators talk about the iMFLUX technology in an easy and approachable way. I helped engineers in animating graphs for presentations, worked with salespeople to animate analogies and design banners, and animated logos for specialized groups within the company.

My toughest challenge in creating these animations was understanding how to translate the complex language used by engineers into designs that were engaging, informative, and easy to grasp. As someone without a plastics background, my perspective allowed me to simplify the words of my coworkers as I made visual aids that were aligned with the brand standards of the company.

iMFLUX is a business that embraces innovation and urges the importance of autonomy as the future of plastics engineering. Please visit to learn more.