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I had always found fur and hair to be an incredibly intimidating aspect of 3D modeling, so I devised a project that allowed me to tackle the subject head-on in a way that was the most fun. I took inspiration from fashion magazines to create a series of 3D renders that challenged me to explore various fur textures and colors in Blender.


The figure used in each render was a model I had built and rigged from scratch, taking inspiration from plastic fashion dolls with perpetually pointed feet and a built-in heel. Draped over the shoulders of the figure was a long tube that I treated like a huge fur boa that reached the floor. I shaped it into various poses in coordination with the figure, and began experimenting with different fur lengths, textures, and densities on top of it.

Once I made my first render, I became addicted to the process and proceeded to make several more renders without counting. Watching the fur render out in real-time was an incredibly satisfying process that I couldn't get enough of, and I finished the project with nearly 30 images of the figure with various color combinations and tiny accessories.

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