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This frame animation was made as my final project for an introductory frame-by-frame animation course I took part in at UC. The goal of this project was to showcase key elements of frame animation that I had learned over the semester in a way that pertained to my unique interests as an artist. At the time I was working on this, I was transitioning from traditional media to the digital realm and wanted to feature my fascinations with the screen image. I focused heavily on quick transitions, high energy, and bold colors that fit the vibe of the song I decided to include in this project.


I included a small handful of frame animation techniques that I learned throughout the semester, which most prominently included rotoscoping, collages, and free-hand illustrations. I drew over videos of myself lip-syncing to the song's lyrics, as well as roller coaster POV videos and lava lamp effects that I found on YouTube. This project was developed over the course of one month.


Creating animations in Photoshop proved to be rather difficult when it came to finding the right pacing for the video in tandem with the music, but I also found it incredibly exciting as I was able to utilize my interests in hand-drawn illustration. I wanted to explore ways in which I could take the videos I made/sourced and transport them to the realm I had developed for this project, layering rotoscoped animations with free-hand drawings, clipping masks, and grainy textures.

I had aimed for every aspect of the video to be quick and flashy, perhaps even a bit chaotic in its bold colors and shapes. At the end of the day, however, I just wanted to have fun with what I was making, which I'd say was a successful endeavor.


Animator:  Johnathan Briar

Music: "Private Caller" - Skylar Spence

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