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During lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic, I was challenged to develop illustrated portraits of members of Bearcast Media - a student-run multimedia group at the University of Cincinnati. These illustrations were used for the group's website to showcase each member and their role within the organization for the upcoming year.


The biggest challenge in creating these portraits was the short time frame in which I had to create them. Made in Photoshop, I developed roughly 15 portraits over the course of one month under the direction of the group's creative director. I stuck with a rough-sketch style that embraced visible brush strokes and sweeping lines, all contained in a scribble of digital charcoal that was in line with Bearcast's brand colors. The end result was satisfying, and I was proud to have accomplished so many portraits within the given timeframe.


Client: Bearcast Media

Illustration: Johnathan Briar

Creative Direction: Alex Macon

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