FEVER is a two-part video game series I created in Unity for an introductory game design course. Both games are simple platforming games with the goal of reaching the ring at the end of each level. While the gameplay is simple in its concept, my main focus when creating these games was the environments within each level and how they contribute to the user experience.

The first installment of FEVER was created over the course of one month. Inspired by the game "Verlet Swing," I wanted to make a game that conceptually existed within a digital space, completely disconnected from reality. I wanted to give the player a laid-back experience, allowing them the opportunity to explore the worlds I place them in.

The second installment of FEVER was created shortly after I finished the first game. This time around, I focused more on lighting and detail within each level, giving players a stronger inclination to stray away from the main course and explore the environment that surrounds it.