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Celluloid Scenes is a series of 3D-modeled renderings I created to learn more about Maya, 3D modeling, and character rigging. Inspired by fashion, internet culture, and religion, each scene is a depiction of artificiality as both an artistic medium and a concept.

Designing the figure was the first part of the character-modeling process. Thinking about ideas of artificial beauty and unreachable standards within our society, I wanted to design a figure that reflects the fabricated space it inhabits. These quick sketches were used as references with which I built the model in Maya. Every detail had to be carefully evaluated when drawing the front and profile view of the character to ensure that it was proportionally consistent from every angle.


Once I finished making the sketches of the figure, I brought them into Maya to use as references when modeling the character. The character was designed to be able to adapt to any environment in which I place it, so the figure itself is rather simple. I then rigged the figure to allow myself to easily pose it however I saw fit; joints were added to the figure to allow it to move in a similar fashion to humans, essentially copying the joints in our bodies and how they naturally behave. 

And now for the fun part: making the scenes! The figure I created is used as an asset in each scene, allowing me to essentially copy and paste it into different projects within Maya. I treated the figure like a fashion doll, changing its characterization through its surroundings and ornamentation. 

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