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August Adams is a character I designed for my introductory concept art studio in the fall of 2019. This character is a reflection of myself and my own life experiences; she lives a simple college life, studying fashion during the day and working as a waitress in the evenings. Obsessed with her image and constantly worrying about how others perceive her, August is a character drenched in self-consciousness and incredible taste.

These are the final outfit variations I created for August to represent different parts of herself and her daily life. While having a variation of color palettes and textures is an important aspect of August's wardrobe, I made sure to keep some aspects of her look the same in every outfit to tie them all together. This part of the character design process was particularly enjoyable for me because it gave me the opportunity to practice fashion illustration.

Beside outfit variations, body language plays a major role in the character design process. I wanted August to have a cold, distant demeanor, most often feeling disgust and impatience over other emotions. As cool and collected as she tries to be, however, she can't help but to let her guard down every once in a while.

Before practicing emotion and body language sketches for August, I practiced drawing poses and facial expressions to evoke different actions and emotions.

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